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Journal of John E. Winchester

"I went to Missouri and I learned the truth."

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The thing that everyone forgets about legends is that they’re a long time in the making.

John Winchester made a name for himself in the hunting world—smart, brave, and above all driven. A man who got the job done. But he didn’t start out that way.

In the spring of 1984, John Winchester is reeling, not only from the death of his wife, but from having his eyes opened to a world that most people spend their entire lives being blissfully unaware of. Up until a few months ago, he had been one of those people. He’d had a wife, two boys, a home, a growing business. The American Dream, as they said. And it had all been undone in one night by something he couldn’t explain.

Now a widower and the sole caretaker of two young sons, he’s learned the truth. But that’s just the beginning. John Winchester has embarked on a quest – one that will lead him and his children into a life he could never have imagined. A world of nightmares and demons and family secrets.

But first he needs to learn about Latin and exorcisms and how not to get his ass killed. He has kids to take care of, after all. And he’ll be damned if he loses them the way he lost Mary.

This is John Winchester at the beginning of his journey. A thirty year old single father, he has found refuge for the moment in Blue Earth, Minnesota and is beginning to learn the ropes from Pastor Jim Murphy. After the events of the last few months, John’s not too sure about the average intelligence of men who believe in a loving, benevolent God, but this is where Missouri sent him, and Missouri Moseley was the one person in Lawrence, Kansas who had believed him when he told the truth about what he had seen the night of November 2nd. And for the moment, that’s good enough for him.

John Winchester is a blue collar, Midwestern man. Former U.S. Marine, Vietnam veteran, and a mechanic by trade. Any inclination he might have had toward long heart-to-hearts and over sharing was largely obliterated along with his trust in the world the night Mary died. New acquaintances can expect to be met with a mixture of distance and distrust. He used to be capable of humor and charm, and may find that he still is—one day when he’s not so damn tired.

John Winchester is from the television show Supernatural and is the property of Eric Kripke. He is portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. John appears here solely for the purpose of role playing in [community profile] milliways_bar from which no profit is being made.

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